Pune: A Woman From Indore Lost Her Job For Not Knowing Marathi

The woman hails from the city of Indore and is living in Pune for past eight months now.

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What standout qualities you think one should have while looking for a job? Apart from having a good skill-set, knowing a local regional language is definitely not stated as a requirement.

A weird thing happened recently when a woman from Indore was asked to leave her job for not knowing Marathi. Who thought that not knowing a language can cost someone her job?

Rashmi Pandey comes from the city Indore and works at a nanotechnology firm in Aundh, Pune. Eight months ago, she moved to Pune with her family.  With a dream of getting a career in the field of research and development, Rashmi went ahead to pursue a job in Smart Nanoz Pvt. Ltd.

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Smart Nanoz Pvt. Ltd. is a research and development company which recruited Rashmi in February. But little did she know that not knowing Marathi would cost her the job.

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It is disappointing to see a Master’s degree holder in science to have to quit a job within 8 days of joining.

Rashmi told Pune Mirror,

When I was being interviewed for the job, I told them that I didn’t know Marathi, to which I was told that even though the colleagues are not fluent in English, they can converse well in Hindi. I was there to assist for research on nano particles. I was selected for the job and joined on February 19. Barely a week into the job, when I came to office, I could feel a change of behaviour from the person who was training me. On February 27, the owner of the firm, Avinash Moghe, summoned me to say that he was compelled to converse in two different languages with me, which was becoming a problem. He also underlined that the woman who was training me had a problem in speaking Hindi. When I asked him if they had a problem with my work, he denied it completely and insisted that the problem is in conversing.

Moghe conducts research on nano particles in his lab and Rashmi worked as his assistant.  

Rashmi further said,

Even when they asked me to leave, I insisted that I was able to cope well with the work and not facing any linguistic barriers. Also, I told them that I can understand basic Marathi and that my colleagues were more than happy to help.

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Moghe, accepted that the reason behind firing Rashmi from the job was the language barrier. 

"This is the first time in my professional career that I have seen not knowing a language turning into a barrier. Rashmi was facing serious problems at work because her colleagues were not very comfortable in conversing in Hindi or English, even though they could understand Hindi well. Rashmi used to feel left out because of not knowing Marathi. When was around, I ensured that other employees speak in Hindi with her, but I was not in office all the time. We did not face this problem earlier because my staff was well-versed with Hindi and English," he told Pune Mirror.

Talking about her work efficiency, Moghe said,

I would like to have Rashmi on board because she was an efficient employee. The communication gap was becoming a big problem. Whenever I was around, I used to mentor her myself, but the other girls did not know the language well and thus could not work with her.

Information source: punemirror,

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