These Illustrations Of Siri Answering In Typical Pune Swag Will Make You Go ROFL!

Siri has savage written all over her! And if she was a real person, she would definitely from Pune.

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If you’re an ardent user of Apple iPhone or iPad, then you know very well about Siri. For others, Siri is a computer program which doubles up as an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator. Yes, we agree that it is a helpful feature, but no one can question the fact that Siri is more popular for its savage responses. 

Subtly blatant tone, unnecessary sarcasm and unnecessarily trolling the person who is asking the question makes us wonder if Siri’s origin is from Pune or not!

How about re-imagining Siri with the typical Puneri thaska and asking her some random questions? Don’t you want to know how she responds? Well, then scroll down to know more:

1. Because Siri is a firm believer of Make In India..errr..Maharashtra!

2. Bedekar over Mariott, any given day!

3. Must say Siri, you have a great choice! Jai Maharashtra!

4. Siri knows this because her favourite chakna is Chitale’s bakarwadi!

5. Because PuLa’s the word!

6. Got your answer, Amrish Puri? Now, STFU!

7. Puneri Siri slaying it, since forever!

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