Over 10 Lakh Visitors Pay Visit To The Vijay Stambh On Koregaon Bhima Battle Anniversary

About 5,000 personnel, 12 drone cameras and 500 CCTV cameras were deployed to keep a watch over the area.

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Tuesday marked the commemoration day of the Koregaon Bhima battle. As many as 10 lakh people and more from different parts of the country visited the Vijay Stambh (victory pillar). Tight security was provided for the visit purpose.

Vishwas Nangare-Patil, the inspector-general of police (Kolhapur range), said, “Over 10 lakh people visited Vijay Stambh (victory pillar) by 9pm and many are yet to reach the pillar site.”

District collector Naval Kishor Ram informed that no troublemaking incident was noted or reported at the event. The one lakh visitors thronged the venue between 7am and 1pm. “The number of visitors suddenly went up after 1pm. By 5pm, about 6 lakh visitors visited the victory pillar,” Ram said.

Last year, one person died and several were wounded on the commemoration day. Considering the unpleasant situation, this year the Pune district administration and rural police ensured that the security was tight on Tuesday.

The Pune- Ahmednagar road was blocked throughout the day to accommodate the crowd. A part of the Tulapur Phata and the highway Koregaon Bhima was made into a walking plaza for the day.

Citing the fear of instigation through false WhatsApp forwards, the internet connections of mobile phones and wired connections were blocked from Monday midnight itself as a precautionary measure. Villages in the vicinity such as Vadhu, Perne, Sanaswadi, Shikrapur and others were under tight vigil of the rural police.

Inspector-general of police (Kolhapur range) Nangare-Patil and superintendent of police Sandeep Patil kept an eye on the law and order situation at the venue and other villages personally. The visitors were given a warm welcome by Patil and his wife.

About 5,000 personnel, 12 drone cameras and 500 CCTV cameras were deployed to keep a watch over the area. Numerous police personnel were stationed at each of the junction who supervised and guided the victory pillar.

Ram further added that visitors who fainted due to the long queue where taken to the nearby hospitals just in time with the help of volunteers deployed.

Information: timesofindia

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