7 Stray Forts Near Pune Would Get A Protection Status, Soon!

Forts are not just a mere representation of old architecture. it is an art that holds the historical importance of our dynasties.

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We take pride on the forts built by the Marathas as they symbolize strength and unity. But unfortunately, the forts built in the era 18th are lying stray as these monuments are neither coming under the archaeology department nor the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Sadly, there are only 90 forts out of 400 that come under the protection.

But now, the state archaeology department has given 'protection status' to seven stray forts in Maharashtra which includes Sangramdurg or Chakan fort in Pune, Yashwantgad (Redi) fort in Sindhudurg and Bankot in Ratnagiri.

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Tejas Garge, director, the state Department of Archaeology and Museums, told TOI that via Maharashtra's Fort Conservation Committee, the department had proposed protection to close 56 forts and temples, which are currently neither under it nor the ASI.

He said,

Of the 56 monuments, seven have been granted protection status, while the remaining 48 may also get this status in future.

The forts that will be seeking permission of protection were built in the era of 14 and 18 centuries by the Marathas and other Islamic descendants.

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Sachin Joshi, who is part of Maharashtra's Fort Conservation Committee, told TOI that the committee's original proposal was to secure protection status for a total of 83 monuments in the state.

He said,

However, seven were granted that status, while procedure for the remaining monuments is still in pipeline.

Joshi further told that the Government recently increased the powers of the panel and will be headed by state education minister Vinod Tawde. The committee was made up in the year of 2015 with an objective of fort conservation and to ensure that they follow the norms as stated by the conducted as per archaeological firm.

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