The Man Of The Beer: Reacho In Conversation With Pune’s Brewer Saurabh Patwardhan

How a search of good beer somehow triggered Saurabh to start his own brewing company!

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A thing that started as a search for Saurabh Patwardhan landed him in a novel career; which with time brewed into a successful business model. By making authentic natural beers to savouring every sip of it, Saurabh with this co-founder and brother has started off with a new venture called: Kimaya Brewing Company.

To know more about their company, Reacho got in touch with Saurabh Patwardhan and this is what he had to say.

1. Tell us about Kimaya Brewing Company

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Kimaya as a group has been serving to people for many years now, we have a hotel called Kimaya in Karve road and has a packaged drinking company called Kimaya Aqua Pure. So an extension of this group and a new venture is Kimaya Brewing Company where we craft beers.

2. How and when did Kimaya Brewing Company start?

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I have been a brewer for 6 to 8 years now and when I was in America I had a practice of making my own beers. So, I guess this all how it started! Back in India, one day when I was in search of good beer, I couldn’t really spot one of my choice. So after that, it somehow triggered me to start up with my own brewing company.

3. Installing a microbrewery is a challenge in itself. What inspired you to take up this as a business instead of selling just beers?

Indeed! It’s a challenging venture to go ahead with, but being a brewer myself I knew the nuances of brewing it. You get good quality beer all over the world, so my simple objective was to pour the best quality of beer into the glass of Indian drinker. So, this somehow turned out to be an inspiration for me.

4. Pune is witnessing a growth in many breweries, so what element do you think is the need to put in, as to stand out in the race?

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Over the years, Pune has certainly evolved a lot in brewing and with time I am sure it would flourish more. The city already has quite many breweries and penetrating in an already set-up market was never a competition for me. Every brewery in the city has mastered in their own skill of crafting and I love to visit those places and enjoy my beer. And we have collectively taken up a new project called- The Barley Project; where we directly import premium quality Barley crops from the farmer and dispatch it for the malting. So this way we have started supporting local economy which is more or less the part of a CSR activity.

5. Other than yours, what beer in any part of the world you love to have?

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Beers I love to binge on are: Doolally’s Rauchbier and Independence Brewing Company’s American IPA, Great state’s Pale Ale and Moonshine Meadery’s Coffee mead.

6. What scope do you think lie in this particular business and what suggestions would you give to the aspirants who are planning to start their own breweries?

Though I would say that getting into breweries is difficult and challenging but I would never discourage anyone to get into this field. Even Dada Saheb Phalke had to face challenges when he thought of doing something extra-ordinary and unique. The industry then wasn’t ready to accept films and moving pictures but now over the time, audience have grown and have embraced the culture of cinema. Similar is the scenario with breweries, the crowd isn’t aware of craft beers but once they do, a huge number of people will get drawn towards this. So, I would always encourage aspirants take brewery as a choice of business or career.

As we wish Mr. Patwardhan to brew more success over his setup, Reacho wishes him all the best for his future endeavours.

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