One Killed, 5 Injured As Riot Breaks Out In Pune's Koregaon Bhima!

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis has condemned the violence.

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Unexpected and unfortunate turn of events propelled a riot in Pune within the span of few hours. The riot was triggered yesterday at a Dalit rally which reportedly has killed one person and has set ablaze nearly 50 vehicles.

While 1st January is marked as the day of the battlement. The battle of Koregaon Bhima was fought in 1818 which led the army of British towards the path of victory by defeating the Peshwas. It is allegedly said that right-wing groups got offended as this event celebrated the "British victory", and hence the riots. 

Source: ndtv

Apparently, the Dalit leaders celebrated the British victory with a belief that said soldiers from the Mahar community during that era were tagged as untouchable and hence were part of the East India Company's forces

This clash between the Dalit and Maratha communities turned so ugly that even the Mumbai's Harbour line couldn’t spare itself from the spread of this ferocious act.

While the turbulence caused by the riot forced the public to raise their voice against this violence, Union Minister of State for Social Justice- Ramdas Athawale showed his concern over this issue. 

A day later, it looks like Mumbai is also affected by this communal violence.

Title image: indiatoday, thewire

Information source:  indiatoday, toi

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