Wisdom Wednesday: Reacho In Conversation With Pune’s Baking Master Konica Bahadur

The willpower Konica carried didn’t let her bog down rather she rose high to conquer the world of cakes.

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Baking is that form of art which is not only painstaking but also needs rigour and contribution of time.

While we all love savouring the heavenly-sugary-piece of this wonderful creation called cake, baking it and that too in hundreds is definitely not a cake walk. 

To make you visit through the alley of this baker’s street, Reacho got in conversation with Konica Bahadur, owner of The Blue Whisk

Source: facebook

1. Tell us in detail about your baking venture and the name: The Blue Whisk

Source: facebook

The Blue Whisk is a dessert studio where you can walk in and fetch your order you’ve previously placed. From making cakes, cookies and chocolates you pretty much get every sweet delicacy here. Talking about the name: The Blue Whisk, the favourite utensil in my kitchen has always been a whisk and whisk being used for baking, it pretty much adds the element of baking into the name. Also, blue is my favourite colour so incorporating the word blue gives the name, my own personal touch.  

2. You are a home baker who then switched to a full-time baking business, tell us something about it.

The Blue Whisk is eight-month-old and we have recently shifted to a bakery studio. Baking in bulk at home becomes very difficult after a certain point so to manage things hassle free, I ended up launching a small bakery-cum-studio where anyone can come around to have a look at the studio, place the order for baking and if they have already done, they can come there to fetch.

3. From being a psychological student to donning a cap of a baker, how did this transformation happen?

Back in the year of 2007, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and this disabling disease made half of my body paralysed. Though I didn’t give up on my education; I went ahead to pursue my bachelors in psychology. Later in the year of 2009 I was again attacked with MS and it confined me inside the hospital walls for four months, which had me bed-ridden for next 6 months. Basically, my interest lied in becoming a psychological counsellor but after encountering the disease, this career no more seemed to be a good option to me. Well, since childhood I have been savouring delicious pastries made by my mother, so helping her into baking cakes was always my field of interest. I seriously considered to take up this art of baking as my career and started working hard on it. Taking in account the disability, I still have restrictions put on me but it’s the will power that has given me power to work and get strong.

4. Which baking contract was so far your biggest one and how did you manage to do it single-handedly?

A popular restaurant-cum-bar of Pune once approached to me for getting 2400 chocolates done, which they wanted to distribute as a Diwali hamper. Getting the bulk order done that too single-handedly was a huge task for me but the efforts paid off and I managed to get all the chocolates separately packed and deliver them on time. This bulky challenge indeed was a tough one to pull off but also helped me tremendously to boost my confidence. Be it any task, small or big I am lucky to have my parents and my husband to stand by me as they believe in me and encourage me to push my boundaries.

5. Nowadays, many home bakers are seen setting up their own business, how challenging do you find to stand-out amongst them?

As a baker I believe in baking things that are organic and freshly homemade, so majorly everything made in my studio is natural and authentic. I put my heart and soul to make each product perfect and scrumptious. Also I am finicky when it comes to baking, so I closely look over all the ingredients that go into everything that I bake. While all the bakers have their own USP of making their product standout amongst all, my USP lies in making the things special and customized by incorporating organic ingredients.

Reacho wishes Konica to be in the pink of her health and wishes her to soar high in all aspects of her life.

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