Reacho In Conversation With Tejaswini Pandit, Actor & Co-Founder Of Clothing Brand- Tejadnya

A clothing line that sells unique, best quality and celebrity style apparels.

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The world is moving at a fast pace and so are we. Well, being Indians we always strive to achieve that extra mile to match with the footsteps of the world. But at the same time, we believe in staying grounded to our roots.

Tejadnya is that clothing brand which is weaved around the purity of our culture which strikes the perfect balance of originality and vogue. To explore more about this fashion brand, Reacho got into a conversation with the co-founder of Tejadnya- Tejaswini Pandit.

1. Tell us something about your brand- Tejadnya?

Tejadnya is a clothing brand and a joint venture of me- Tejaswini Pandit and Abhidnya Bhave. It is brand with quality and not quantity; that focuses on giving you the best quality apparel. While I and my partner have a career of acting to look forward to, we still handle this business as the part of our hobby and interest.

2. What does Tejadanya mean?

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So the name Tejadnya is actually a combination of two names; me and my partner- Tejaswini and Abhidnya.

3. Being a film actor and simultaneously handling a clothing brand, how difficult does it become for you to manage both?

Being an actor, it at times becomes very challenging for me to don the hat of two different professions. Though we tag this business as an extension of our hobby, deep down we are very passionate about our new venture and strive hard to make it flourish in the clothing line. Taking into account the busy schedule we both have, together we manage to launch a whole-new collection in every 3 months.

4. What inspired you to open a clothing brand?

Since childhood, I had an inclination towards designing and admiring the beautiful patterns on the fabric; and as a kid, I would often invest my time in stitching clothes for my doll. This interest of mine has today led me into this the profession of clothing which believes in stocking clothes that are distinct.

The clothes that we get in the malls at times don’t stand out when it comes to uniqueness but same can't be said about a fashion store. The USP of the clothes we stitch lies in the fabric we use, which is ‘Khun'. Sadly, this beautiful fabric was erased out of the minds of many, so getting this fabric back into the fashion inspired us to come up with our own line of clothing.

5. So far we’ve seen that your page has a full-fledged sale of ethnic brands, is there a reason for having only ethnic clothes in your shack?

We believe that saree makes a woman look beautiful no matter what her age is. Though the collections we have majorly consist of ethnic clothes, our shack also has a stack of non-ethnic clothes. The material we use ‘Khun’ is stitched into pants and other items that are not traditional. Usually, we try to experiment new variety of clothes during small celebrations and festivities like Diwali.

6. What future plans do you have for Tejadnya?

Well, we want our brand to flourish and grow over the years. But as we progress, we eventually also wish to launch a proper on-ground store. For the virtual platform on Facebook and Instagram, we have thought of many things for the page- Tejadnya.

Reacho wishes Tejaswini and Abhidnya to keep up the good work and soar high in all aspects of her life.

This article is the part of ‘Wisdom Wednesdays’ where we give insights into the lives of Pune's interesting personalities.

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