Pune’s Writer, Sangeeta Puranik Bestowed With Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad Award

Sangeeta is 54 and has written two children’s book before, one has nursery rhymes and the other has short stories for teenagers.

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You no more get awestruck to see a kid excellently handling a tech-gadget but you would surely get surprised if you find a kid reading a book. As the world is progressing towards a modern lifestyle with new technologies emerging everyday, the children of our generation have somehow moved away from the joy of reading stories and poems.

In a bid to make your kids relive the time when reading moral stories was the only source of entertainment, Sangeeta Puranik a Pune-based author has launched a unique initiative, for which won the prestigious award of Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad.

The award was presented to her for the novel and imaginary stories written for the children varying in ages of 5 – 14.

Source: bookganga

The collection of stories is titled 'Gammat Ghosti' (Modern moral stories).

Gammat Ghosti (Anushri Prakashan) has 30 short modern stories, one for each day of the month. Empathizing on the need of reading moral stories, Sangeeta  said,

These stories are filled with morals. My presentation of morals in the book is in a language which they will understand. Nowadays children belong to nuclear families and sometimes moral values are lost in the technologically- advanced world we live in. Children soak in a lot of information and are still not aware of what is good or bad information, hence, it is important to use books to teach them.

Source: bookganga

As she feels that the children have detached themselves from the Marathi books, she further elaborates her thoughts on this saying,

Buying a book has become a status now, especially buying English books, but Marathi books are not treated the same way. They cost less, have good content, but, because students study in English medium schools, Marathi language and its books come second. By writing creatively in Marathi, I want to reach out to many young readers.

Deriving the inspiration from her granddaughter Sanika, the author said,

I began by creating imaginary stories and making her understand moral values. A good story book should inspire, entertain and be something that will add value to the child’s upbringing,” she said. Her family has been her pillar of support as well as critics, who bring out the best in her.

Information and title image sourced from: hindustantimes

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