Pune University To Add Topics Of New Tax In The Syllabus

Individual colleges too have started short courses on GST for the benefit of students and others alike.

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After the rollout of the Goods and Service Tax (GST), Savitribai Phule Pune University has decided to revamp its economics, commerce and management syllabi, which will be introduced in the next semester starting December-January.

Individual colleges too have started 2-3 month short courses on GST for the benefit of students and others alike.

Source: collegedunia

Prafulla Pawar, Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies at SPPU,  told TOI,

"We have commerce and MBA programs where taxes are taught to students in detail. For example, we have subjects called direct and indirect taxes. All this needs to change to make way for GST study. Then we have a diploma in taxation course, which again needs to be totally revamped. Lastly, wherever we are teaching taxes like in economics courses, we need to change the particular topics to GST."

"All these components where change is needed are being identified at present. We will constitute an expert committee comprising academicians, industry experts, and others to look into the current syllabus. We will have a revised syllabus within 2-3 months and will be implemented in December," he added.

Meanwhile, there are short term courses available in the colleges on GST, and all the private colleges have decided to follow SPPU’s suit.

Information source: Times of India

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