Move Over Lonavla! Head From Pune To Purushwadi To Witness The Fireflies Festival, This Weekend!

Stepping in here is like experiencing a million lanterns floating in air!

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Are you bummed up with your daily mundane schedule of work and planning to drag yourself out of it? Then pubs and clubs is surely not the place we recommend you. In fact, we plan to give you an enthralling experience by suggesting that you should visit Purushwadi- a place where zillions of fireflies congregate and glow to create a vista for you.

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We're pretty sure that here you'll see nature in all its glory. Monsoon being the mating period of fireflies, millions of fireflies flock together and lightens up the valleys and mountains around Purushwadi.

Here’s how you reach this illuminating destination:

It takes 4 h 23 min (163.9 km) via NH60

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Source: nivalink

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The fireflies festival starts on 3rd June and ends on 2nd July. You can get in touch with Grassroutes, a community-based rural tourism initiative, which usually plans the tour of Purushwadi. Get in touch with them, here!

If you still don't believe how it looks like during the festival, watch this video by Camera and Shorts:

Pack your bag folks and lead yourself to the mesmerizing rustic tour of Purushwadi.

Information source: grassroutes

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