Pune: Team Of Surgeons Achieved Success In Removing World’s largest EGIST Tumour

The patient hails from the state of Bihar and was suffering from the ailment since the past 15 months

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The surgeons of Pune’s Sassoon General Hospital achieved a milestone in their medical career by surgically removing a 6-kg benign tumour from a woman.

This was a rarest of the rare case. The size of the tumour was 28 by 28 by 20 cm and it weighed almost 5.075 kg. Because of its size, the tumour was pressing against many vital organs, including the small intestine, kidneys, duodenum and some large vessels.

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The patient Maltidevi Aakalu Ran, 47, was admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain and underwent the surgery on Wednesday- 31st January 2018. The Tumor was removed with minimal blood loss.

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Dr Ajay Chandanwale, dean of Sassoon General hospital said,

A CT Scan was done after which we came to know about the size of the tumour. The surgery was complex as we had to ensure that none of the vital organ get damaged. The patient is doing well now. It is the heaviest Extra-Gastro-Intestinal Stromal Tumour (EGIST) reported in global literature.

According to the doctors, in medical terms, the tumour was called an ‘Extra-Gastro-Intestinal Stromal Tumour’ (EGIST) and only 58 cases of such a case of tumour has been recorded globally. The doctors also said that there has never been a case of the EGIST tumour which was as heavy as this one.

Associate professor at Sassoon General Hospital, Lata Bhoir, who was also the part of the operating team, said,

Without an operation, the patient would have suffered from pain and would have gained weight. Also, her vital organs would have been at risk. We have completely removed the tumour with minimal blood loss and without sacrificing any of her vital organs.

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