Pune Station To Get New Map And Signage Boards

The sign boards have reportedly been developed in collaboration with students of the MIT School of Design.

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With time, the things around us also need to change. In Pune, following the overall pattern of modernising infrastrcture, a futuristic and modern signage system will be installed on the entrance to the station on Raja Bahadur Mill Road. It is estimated that the work will be completed by the end of this month.

 An official said,

 "The signage project involves setting up of sign boards informing passengers about the different areas of the station. They will help people in locating platforms, rest rooms, waiting halls, etc. The new boards will be put up at 20 spots on the station's premises."

The boards will be like those at the airports

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To make it more friendly and lucid, the boards will display information in Hindi and Marathi and also in English. In addition to the boards, a huge map of Pune city will be displayed in order to everyone locate various areas of the city. The sign boards have reportedly been developed in collaboration with students of the MIT School of Design.

The official added,

 "The new entrance on the Raja Bahadur Mills Road will come up on the plot located next to the DRM's office in the form of a foot overbridge that will take passengers inside the station. A parking space is being developed on the plot. While the bridge will be opened by the end of this month, construction of the parking lot, a new foot over bridge and the skywalk connecting all the FOBs will take some more time. We are expecting the work on the skywalk to be over in the next two months, the skywalk will connect all the six platforms and the new foot over bridge from the new entrance."

Information source: timesofindia.indiatimes

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