Travel Tuesday: All You Need To Know About Pune's Shinde Chhatri!

Chhatri means ‘umbrella’ but in this case, it's a shelter for the ashes of the commander.

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If you are inclined towards history or if historic places are your cup of tea, then you should definitely keep this place on the top of your priority list.

Shinde Chhatri is a memorial constructed for the Maratha leader, Mahadji Shinde. This place in Wanawadi, Pune is of great importance for the Scindias (Shindes). 

It comprises a hall which happens to be a Shiva Temple. Also present is a samadhi (cenotaph) of the18th-century military leader Mahadji Shinde.

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Chhatri means ‘umbrella’ but in this case, it's a shelter for the ashes of the commander.

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As you enter the complex, the three-story building welcomes you with its mesmerizing architecture.

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The silver likeness of the warrior covered with a flame-coloured turban and a shawl can be seen in the memorial.

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Hang on! If you are thinking to take your camera with you, then you might be disappointed. The authorities prohibit you from clicking pictures, once you enter the premises. 

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You can also see the painting and pictures of the Shinde dynasty which are on the walls. The inner sanctum has a statue of Mahadji Sinde. The breathtaking stucco works in orange and green gives the feel of a typical Rajasthani temple. Even though the floor is quite simple but perfectly compliments the rich work on the walls and ceiling.

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When you come out and minutely look at the exteriors, you'll notice the wide difference from other Peshwa era buildings. Shinde Chhatri is heavily influenced by the Anglo architecture.

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You can visit the Shinde Chhatri between 9 am to 6 pm and it is open every day! 

This article is a part of the series ‘Travel Tuesdays’ where we bring you a list of places in and around Pune to satiate your wanderlust cravings.

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