With The Success Of Nepalese Training Programme, Pune’s FTII Is All Set To Go Global

The decision on training aspirants in the field of acting from other countries was taken when FTII designed a “customised course” for the Nepalese team.

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They say creativity and talent knows no boundaries and this was proved when Pune’s FTII- Film and Television Institute of India conducted a training programme for Nepalese actors and aspiring actors.

With this success, FTII can now conduct more such programs for the students from other countries. FTII officials told that the ministry of external affairs (MEA) has reacted positively on this decision.

While speaking to Hindustan Times about the programme, Bhupenda Kainthola, the  Director of FTII said,

MEA officials during our initial interaction have responded very positively. Through Indian missions in other countries we hope to get in touch with people interested in making a career in cinema and aspiring to get trained at FTII.

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The objective of conducting such programmes is to encourage and train the budding talented actors and technicians from Asia and Africa.

Currently, a group of 20 actors, who have come all the way from Nepal to pursue a 20-day course. This short-term course was conducted when Indian embassy in Nepal approached the Pune institute.

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Talking about the course, Kainthola said,

This was the first time FTII conducted a training programme for foreign nationals. Some of the participants, mostly between the age-group of 25 to 35, are known names in the Nepalese film industry. FTII is regarded as premium institute in the country and with these strengths, we want to go global and make an international footprint.

Sabina Gopali, a Nepalese actor undergoing training at the FTII, said,

As we undergo the training, there is confidence among us that the programme will benefit us in our personal and professional life.

Information source:hindustantimes

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