Cancer Survivor From Pune To Build A Charitable Trust For Cancer Patients

Such a noble gesture!

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Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas once said,

Cancer didn’t bring me to my knees, it brought to my feet.

Only when a person experiences certain things himself, he gets to know its real depth. Especially the near-death experiences! 

Something similar happened with Nikhil Ganguly who is now planning to step into the lives of cancer patients in order to spread sunshine. Nikhil, a 54-year-old Punekar, was caught in the clutches of this deadly disease, way back in 1996.

He was just 33 when he was detected with blood cancer. Eventually, he bravely fought against all odds and is doing pretty well for himself, now. 

Being a survivor himself, Ganguly knew how much efforts it takes to cross over the hindrances of generating finance and proper medication. And with the objective to help the cancer patients, Ganguly on Sunday announced that he is opening a charitable trust.

Dr. Reena Nair, an Oncologist by profession and who treated Ganguly was also present at the event.

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Ganguly said,

When I was diagnosed with blood cancer, I was not financially strong. I started my treatment under Dr Reena Nair at Tata Memorial hospital, Mumbai, who was very helpful. I was cured in two years but during my time as a cancer patient, I came across many others who were financially struggling to get basic treatment for cancer.

Goldsmith by profession, Ganguly provided financial help to cancer patients when his business grew prosperously. He helped many patients to undergo treatment. But now, he is planning to take this small help to a bigger level. He has decided to establish a cancer hospital which provides patients to undergo cancer treatment at a lower cost.

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Elaborating his benevolent work, he said

On Sunday, we have announced that a charitable trust would be formed. Now we will decide a name for the trust and then register it. The money collected by the trust would be used to build a hospital dedicated to providing affordable treatment for cancer patients.

On the occasion, Dr Reena Nair said,

Ganguly came to Tata Memorial Hospital for treatment in 1996. Even after being cured, he kept coming to the hospital with a view to provide financial help to needy patients seeking cancer treatment. He has, till date, helped a lot of patients financially. This trust would go a long way in helping cancer patients.

Reacho extends its best wishes to Nikhil Ganguly for getting into such a philanthropic work.

This article is the part of ‘Wisdom Wednesdays’ where we give insights into the lives of Pune's interesting personalities.

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