Pune's Obsession With Ras Malai Cake Is All-Time-High And We're So Not Complaining!

Although, the cake is most closely associated with birthdays, this cloudlike confection is now a thing of any festive gathering.

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Okay, if you’ve not yet been bitten by the RMC bug, then you’re SO not a Punekar!

RMC = Ras Malai Cake, duh!

I mean just look at the surge in the number of people gorging onto this fusion dessert! Birthdays, shaadi ka reception, anniversaries and whatnot has a pretty, yellow towering cake ready to be pounced upon.

And the craze funnily is only in our beloved city. So I shall thereby declare RMC as #JustPuneThings.

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Now while most of us love this delicacy, some find it overrated. But love it, hate it, you just cannot ignore it. With home bakers to chefs to cake shops receiving orders no end in the recent times, this cake is a sure beating the humble chocolate cake’s ass! And guess what, even The New York Times couldn’t turn a blind eye to Pune’s love for RMC and even had a grub article based on a baker’s account, only that they called it an ‘Indian cheese dumpling dessert’ cake. Posh!

The RMC recipe is all about making homemade soft cheese and poaching them in sugar syrup. It is then dipped in cardamom-scented milk syrup and garnished with chopped pistachios.

Although this cake is most closely associated with birthdays, this cloudlike confection is now a thing of any festive gathering.

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So what are you waiting for, I’m listing out a couple of bakers which you should totally try!

Baner – Happy High Alcoholic Cakes and Kreamy Kreations.

Vishrantwadi – Neha Agarwal (Home Baker).

Shivaji Nagar – Aarohi Shah (Home Baker).

Viman Nagar – Don’t Tell Mama and Sweet Crumbs.

Kalyani Nagar – The Blue Whisk.

Swargate – Chocoistry.

Others – Najhat Sheikh and Samiksha Neral (Home Bakers).

Eggless cakes – Prateek Shirke and Sapna Karve.

Cupcakes – Runa Sule (Home Baker).

P.S: This list is based on my own experience, I’m sure there are many others who are brilliant bakers of this sweet treat! 

Information source: apinchofpoomslove

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