Pune’s Popular Parsi Food Courts You Should Definitely Visit This Navroze

Your hunt for authentic Parsi food ends here.

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We should be thankful to the person who came up with the quote- “food has no religion”. And to make you experience your true love towards all the cuisines of food, we bring you the best of the Parsi food of your city.

Dorabjee Restaurant (Dastur Meher Road, Camp)

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Established in 1878, Dorabjee’s is the best Parsi food court that you can rely on for authentic taste. Visit here to experience the divinity of ‘Akuri’, ‘Parsi Poro’, ‘Sali boti’, ‘Kheemo’, ‘Saas ni macchi’ and a dessert to end with- ‘lagan nu custard’.

Where Else Café and Bar (Lunkad Sky Max, Viman Nagar)

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Hunting for delicious food? Where else to look for, when you literally have Where Else Café and Bar to serve for you.

Rustom Restaurant (near Fashion Street, M.G Road)

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Serving since 80 years, Rustom’s  Restaurant brings the authenticity of Parsi food in your platter. ‘Dhan daar and Kolmi no patio’, ‘Dhanshak’, ‘Sali Marghi’ and ‘Mutton cutlets’ are the food items we urge you to jump on.

Zamu’s (Dhole Patil Road)

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Popular for its sizzlers, the restaurant serves a special platter of Parsi food on their festivals which comprises of ‘Dhanshak’ and ‘Sali Boti’,  ‘Patra ni machi’, ‘Mutton pulau Daal’, ‘Dhanshak’ and ‘Sali Boti’

Mancho’s (Dastur Meher Road, Camp)

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Palatable dishes served with love. Mancho’s is the place you’ll love to hit on. Be it ‘Dhansak’, ‘Parsi-style Mutton’ or ‘Chicken Kebabs’ you’ll get all to make your stomach happy.

King’s (Above Badshah, East Street)

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Looking for some awesome food? Stumble in this joint and devour the ‘Chicken Farcha’, ‘ Sali marghi’  and ‘Kolmi no Patio’.

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