Pune's New Place To Go Chugging On Craftbeers: Ales, Brews And Ciders Brewing Company

Situated in Kalyani Nagar, This place sure has some good vibes to say the least!

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As a foodie, my quest always is about trying new cuisines, foods, and restaurants. While I was just about to flop back on the couch sighing that I would have to make do with one of the same ol’ places, I came across an interesting place with an interesting name.

Ales Brews & Ciders Brewing Company.

Now a name that long does justice with the spacing of this latest venture in the locale of Kalyani Nagar.

Situated stark opposite the Trump Towers, you’ll find this place standing tall in pristine white. Move inside and you’ll find yourself enthralled by the magique of its interiors.

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The place is segmented into two areas: one of a posh courtyard and the other is a glamorous dining area. Keeping in mind all kinds of people and their choices, this place has been well-designed accordingly. So whether you’re planning to dress up and show up or dress down and chill, you’ll be sorted at Ales’.

The outdoor area or ‘Beer Garden’ as it is called will have soulful music being played to keep the vibe light. But the ‘The Lounge’, the indoor space will have you letting your hair down.

Accompanying the happy vibes is the craft beer that is served for one to guzzle. However, it will take a month or two to set up the taps but the other beverages on the menu for the time being still keep the “spirits” up!

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Alok, the owner of this sassy new place says, "I am from Gujarat but the warmth and the vibrant culture of Pune along with the amazing food and friendly people of the city made me fall in love and I moved here.”

Alok has been into breweries ever since he moved here. His first venture on the Nagar Road was more about the experience than profits, he chips in.

“The journey started a few years back with a place on Nagar road. More than a dream to be realized, it proved to be a learning for me on all fronts. Be it personal, professional or social. With all what I learnt, I am here , back with all humility and now better equipped with Ales Brews and Ciders,” Alok adds.

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While Alok talks about his venture with much enthusiasm, the food-bloggers who made a visit to this haunt can't stop raving about it either. Trying out some must-haves on the menu, they are all the way thumbs-up for this place!

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Here are some of the favorites of people who have visited this tipple haven!

5 Cheese And Basil Pizza

 Source: sudhirmahishi

Mushroom Cheese and Paprika

 Source: sudhirmahishi

Fish and Chips

 Source: shibanithomas

Baked Pasta

 Source: shibanithomas

Mushroom Paprika

 Source: shibanithomas


 Source: shibanithomas

All in all, a swanky place, homely staff, chic interiors, delicious AF food, spirits to raise the spirits and soulful/jazzy music is a heady combination which sums up to extraordinary, I say.

Well, given this place which is alluring AF, looks like Punekars will now be spoilt for choice!

I’m sorted for the new year’s, how about you?

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