Explore Pune's Monsoon By Indulging Yourself Into These Fun Activites

Cut, fold and paste or just grab a spatula! 7 interesting things you should be doing this monsoon

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The monsoon is still on and you’ll hardly stumble upon someone who will say that they hate monsoon to the core. Well, hate it or love it, we don’t care as long as you are not ready to explore the fun part of you by indulging into these activities. So, step out of your cosy room and look around, Punekars!

1. Grab your favourite book

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The hot steaming cup of coffee and a book irrespective of the genre is the best pair to go with in monsoons. And to keep you with this activity here are some libraries and book cafes you can visit and pick the best read for yourself- Café Nook, Balewadi, Perks & Brews, Viman Nagar, Fat Cat’s Café, Wanowrie.

2. Explore the art like never before

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You might not be an art-craft person but I am sure you'd still love to smear your fingers with the poster and acrylic colours. Enroll yourself into Explore Origami, Karve Nagar or  Create Unique Origami, Aundh workshops and embellish your place with hand made wall hangings and flower vase.

3. Don a toque

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Gone are the days when you depended on the other person for preparing food. Knowing basic cooking is more of a necessity nowadays, but then there are many who love and are trying hard to give a professional touch to their skill. Here’s the list of cooking classes you can think of enrolling yourself and polish your cooking skills -Chocolate Making, Vegan Food Workshops, Cupcake Making Workshop.

4. Add an asset on your resume

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If at all you think that cooking and painting is not your cup of tea then try putting hands over a totally different thing that'll help you learn and enjoy both at the same time. Choose any language of your choice and try to learn it with the help of these coaching classes- Chatter box, Viman Nagar, ITESKUL, Nagar Road, Foreign Language Institute, Aundh.

5. Backpack and go for a ride.

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A planned or an unplanned excursion is a must-to-do thing for you especially if you're living in or around Pune. Take a break and visit these places and experience the wonders of natures.

6. Explore an entirely different world of movies

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We bet you've often watched movies and plays by now, but It's the time to give yourself a chance to move on beyond movies and look for something which enlightens you by giving you a whole new perspective of watching films and dramas. Haven't visited one such place? Then allow yourself to- The Lost Plot, Aundh, Viman Talkies, Viman Nagar, Aashay Film Club, Law College Road

7. Get inspired by listening to one of them

I think we're done helping you, but we bid you a happy monsoon by leaving you with some source of inspiration that you might love to attend. Yes, we're talking about the TED Talks that are arranged by TEDx Pune.

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Kick out the monsoon lethargy and invest your time in these fun activities!

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