This Pune Lady Has Transformed A 3,500 Sq Ft Plot Into A Farm By Using Dry Leaves Compost!

Earlier, the plot was just a dumping yard of debris but now it’s a beautiful lush green farm!

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How many of us take efforts to grow organic food of our own?

Umm, not many!

How many efforts do you take to decompose your waste and take nature’s care and invest your time in such an activity?

Naah! Who has that much of time?

Well, a lady in Pune did! Sujata Naphade who is a housewife and a gardener; with the collaboration of Brown Leaf group, Sujata Naphade turned her 3,500 sq ft area plot on Pashan-Sus road into a beautiful farm on Pashan-Sus road.

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Her plot had a lot of weeds and by combining the leaves she got in from brown leaf group she made natural compost out of it. Talking about her unusual flair of gardening, she said,

I am studying ‘Madhyastadarshan, a study about living sustainably.

Sujata believes in cultivating her daily vegetables, fruits and condiments at home. The terrace, the plot and the courtyard is the place she chooses to grow fresh organic veggies.

Sharing in detail about her unique activity she said,

I started around eight years ago when we shifted from Bhosari colony to this place. This bungalow has lot of space surrounding it and I began planting trees, but without using any chemicals. I believe in letting the plants grow naturally at their own pace. Using dry leaves, we can balance the ecological cycle as the plant takes nutrients from soil to give it back in the form of dry leaves.

Sujata’s husband is a software engineer and after opting for voluntary retirement he with his wife has adopted a sustainable living.

The thing that astounds us the most is a collection of exotic fruits she has grown on her farm which includes- passion fruits, strawberries and sweet lime. By cultivating groundnut, castor seeds, coconut and sesame seeds; she also takes efforts to grow herbs like galangal, thyme and basil.  She has over 100 varieties of plants and her focus is on creating a seed bank of indigenous and local vegetables and fruits.

This article is the part of ‘Wisdom Wednesdays’ where we give insights about the lives of Pune's interesting personalities.

Information source: hindustantimes

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