Pune Confers Mountaineer Kishor Dhankude In The Most Unique Way!

Kishor Dhankude is an enthusiastic mountaineer, mount climbing coach and a visionary who has made India proud.

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If you are traveling along the stretch of Kothrud’s Paud Road don’t be surprised to witness the hoardings that no more hold the photos of local politicians. Punekars has come up with a unique idea to bestow their best wishes to Mountaineer Kishor Dhankude who hails from our own city-Pune.

The local advertisements and greeting to local politicians is a humdrum thing that we our eyes tired of looking at and what better idea than replacing it with a city based mountaineer Kishor Dhankude who is holding up the Indian national flag?

Recently, Dhankude clambered up the South ridge of the mountain, Sagarmatha from Nepal and talked about his venture

“The challenge this time was the weather. It was a very dicey, unpredictable atmosphere in the base camp. We didn’t know who would take the initiative to open the route.”

source: facebook

Dhankude is not new to such adventures, in the year 2014 he reached the top of Everest- Chomolungma on the North Ridge in China. He is a former IT professional turned full- time mountaineer and mountain climbing coach. This adventurous mountaineer returned to scale the mountain in 2015 in an attempt to set a back-to-back record, but his attempt was left undone because of the tragic Nepal earthquake. On this he said, 

“I didn’t go back in 2016 because I wasn’t ready financially. Disasters are a part and parcel of climbing. Earthquakes such as this one happen once in 100 years. We were at the wrong place at the wrong time, that’s all.”

India is blessed for having such enthusiasts who thrive to lead the entire nation on a paramount success.

Information source: punetimes

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