Pune’s Popular Pub ‘High Spirits Cafe’ Grilled Over A Woman’s Revelation Of Sexual Harassment

One voice led many other voices trailing over this issue.

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Is our society still governed by a patriarchal system?

Well, yes!

Do we still get discriminated on the professional front in terms of our gender?

Yes, we do!

Sadly and surprisingly, this culture has been, forever imbibed by our society and the only way to get out of is by evolving our thoughts and progressing towards a maturity: maturity level of one’s brains and its thinking process.

In a recent event, Pune’s High Spirits Café faced a turbulence when a case of a sexual assault was been surfaced at it. The allegations were against the owner of the pub Khodu Irani, who supposedly has sexually harassed his employee.

Sheena, the employee audaciously came forward to tell the world that her owner has stigmatized her by publicly shaming and passing gross comments. The girl then took to Twitter to express her thoughts and created a thread of events that spoke about body shaming and slut shaming.

While we see that women in today’s generation are not anymore confined to taking up any job of their choice; we still witness that, there remains some anticipation on the occurrence of unprecedented events.

Now that women are trying hard to set their foothold on the jobs that are “male-centric”; why do we’ve men to create hindrance on their professional front?

Her initiative triggered few ex-employees that we were treated exactly the same way!

Breaking the silence, Divya, an ex-employee showed her rage by posting a long letter that encompasses some hideous personal experiences.

The last time I met my ex-boss was for a courtesy ‘meeting’ in 2015 — the purpose of which I realised later was just so he could showboat in front of a group of young girls. He tried to belittle me, but I defended myself verbally. When I got up to leave, he gabbed my waist from behind and did a few vigorous thrusts with his pelvis into my buttocks, saying “oh that’s the most action I’ve gotten in six months” (his wife has just birthed a son a few weeks earlier). I felt so violated and dirty afterwards, that I went home and cried.

It was especially confusing when other women (particularly, ones I looked up to) told me it wasn’t a big deal, that this was just ‘joking around’ — and so I conditioned myself to accept this behaviour as the norm. The voice in my head that said it was wrong got pushed further and further into the back of my mind, finally silenced to no more than a whisper.

Now that we expect people to respect the audacity of Sheena for voicing this gruesome act, some people just couldn’t stop babbling.

Now that women in our society are trying to raise themselves up, the patriarchal force is somehow pulling her down.

But thankfully some prominent faces came out in support of her

We feel sad when such gruesome acts make news in the headline but it feels terrible when the culprit snoops away amidst the silence of unspoken minds; thankfully this wasn’t the case here!

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