Certified Scuba Diver At 14, This Pune Girl Becomes India's Youngest Free-Diver At 16

Khushi was conferred with a doctorate at the age of 14, from 'World Records University' for holding seven records.

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From being a 5-year-old baby who loved frolicking in the swimming pool to become India’s youngest certified free-diver at the age of 16, Khushi Parmar has come a long way and how!

This Pune girl is a perfect example and inspiration of the adage ‘turning-passion-into-profession’.

Khushi has been certified as a basic freediver by Scuba Schools International (SSI), which is one of world’s highly ranked scuba and free-diving certification bodies. The official recognition grants her training and quips her with knowledge needed to freedive safely with a partner in a pool or in confined water upto five feet deep.

Traditionally, free-diving or breath-hold diving is out-and-out about holding one’s breath and diving without the assistance of any breathing apparatus. The kind of water one freedives is mostly that of oceans and seas. However, over the time the sport has been practised in confined waters and swimming pools as well.

Khushi underwent training with two professionals viz. Mario Fernandes of Calangute, who is the first SSI level-2 free-diving instructor in India, and Neil Francis, SSI’s regional director for India.

“We are very proud of Khushi. She is a bright, ambitious young woman and a wonderful role model for scuba divers, freedivers and swimmers in India. We hope to see more great achievements from her and look forward to her breaking new records by becoming India’s youngest SSI scuba instructor when she turns 18 in May 2020,” said Francis.

This isn’t Parmar’s first stint with records. She was early feted with a doctorate from the UK-based World Records University (WRU) for holding seven records in swimming, scuba diving and aerobics. She was conferred the title at the age of 14. Khushi had represented Maharashtra and won gold at the National Underwater Federation Cup, 2018. Underwater Sports Association India, which is affiliated to ‘World Underwater Federation’ had organized the event.

The certified scuba diver finished her rescue diving course on Friday.

Quiz her about her future plans and pat comes the reply, “I want to become a scuba diving instructor in future.”

Khushi’s future plans are seconded by her teacher Francis’ views.

Presently studying in Class XI, Khushi is balancing her formal education and scuba training hand-in-hand. She is waiting to turn 18 years old so as to seek instructor training from Venkat Charloo of Goa-based Barracuda Diving — one of India’s oldest scuba diving institutes.

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