Pune's Finally Blessed With An Authentic AF Mallu Haunt 'Kerala Cafe'!

Word has it that the cafe serves the best 'Malabar Meen Curry'.

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The God’s own country is not just blessed with ample of coconuts for a lifetime but also with some of the most beautiful backwaters, houseboats, a rich tradition, ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu and every shade of green in the color palette. But what also gets us wide-eyed and drooling is the authentic Malayali food!

A food with is rich with coconut, chillies, curry leaves and succulent meat is nothing less than food for the soul. And not to forget is the ever-smiling Malayali chettas and chechis serving you portions of food you could possibly never finish. So, basically we’re saying, mallu food is love!

But as a Punekar, our stint with authentic mallu food is only limited to going over to our pals house and gorging on it. And still, we cannot get enough of it! But what about those days when you cannot walk into your pals house and just let the craving die?

But that’s a question which has found an answer and how! Baner now houses Pune’s first authentic mallu restaurant ‘Kerala Café’ and we are practically going coco-nuts!

The restaurant which opened doors a couple of weeks ago has a very Kerala-like interiors and the menu card. KC serves the most mean ‘meen curry’, buff crispy, chemmeen pollichathu and all those other mallu delicacies. The lady at the restaurant will guide you with your order in case the complicated names get the worst of you.

So, why wait another day when we’ve already waited for what seems-like-ages! Head here and eat away, da!

Where? Baner Gaon Kamaan, Near Cosmos Bank, Baner.

Cost for two? Rs. 1,000

What should you DEFINITELY order? Lemon Rice, Appam & Chicken Curry, Parotas & Chicken Mappas, Payasam, Sulemani chai and filter coffee, of course!

Newbies to mallu food, if you're still not convinced, let me show you some pictures to tempt you much!

1) Appam & Egg Curry


2) Crab Roast


3) Sadhya

4) Avial


Experience the taste of Malabar @keralacafe.pune #avial #coconutfood #veg #drumsticks

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5) Parota & Nadan Chicken Curry

6) Spicy Meen Curry

7) Malabar Biryani


Experience the taste of Malabar @keralacafe.pune #malabarbiriyani #keralafood #spicyfood

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