Another Step Towards A Safer Pune: City Police To Launch 'City Safe' App!

The application will be user-friendly and would work without internet connection.

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Women in India have to go through a lot! There is a lot of discussion on changing the plight of women in our country, but nothing substantial is done! But just talking about this isn’t really a solution but it seems that Pune City Police has thought of a solution to curb down this issue by launching an app that assures security to women who are working in the IT Industry.

Under the #BuddyCop project, one police constable will be assigned to a WhatsApp group of 50 women. With an aim to take this project to a higher level, a #CitySafe app is being launched soon.

The app will be user-friendly where the users will be able to alert officials and share their location with the police control room at the push of a button, in the case of an emergency, thereby reducing response time.

An extra feature of this app is that it has been designed to operate even without a working internet connection. Caught in emergency situations users can set an SOS tap pattern on the app. For instance, the app can be set to alert the police control room on tapping once, or alert the senior officer of the area on tapping twice, or alert all four relatives/friends set in the app or post the SOS message on social media cell, on four taps.

Pankaj Ghode, a cyber expert with the Pune police department, said,

We aim to make the application safer with a parallel notification system, so that help can arrive in minimum time.

Based on the experience of a place, the application also provides a 'Rating' feature that allows women to rate places, roads, lanes, companies etc.

Talking more on this, Ghode said,

For example, if someone feels that XYZ road is not safe, or XYZ company is not safe, then she can rate the place accordingly and it will be visible to other users, so they can decide whether to take the road, or visit the place. And the police will also take action to ensure safety in places rated as unsafe.

Information source: timesofindia

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