Pune To Get A New Bridge Between Sinhagad Road And Karvenagar

PMC to build a bridge that connects Sinhagad Road to Karvenagar.

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Commuters hailing from Sinhagad Road and Karvenagar may soon get relief from everyday’s cacophony and struggle faced due to jammed roads. A proposal has been put forward on the construction of additional bridge on Mutha river parallel to the existing Rajaram bridge

The work on this project has been started by Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and an initial survey report is expected in the next few days. The PMC's standing committee chairman, Muralidhar Mohol, had announced the budget for the bridge in the annual budget for 2017-18. An initial provision of Rs 2 crore has been sanctioned for it.

People residing in these two areas face huge traffic problems since there is no alternative route that connects to other parts of the city.

MLA Madhuri Misal and a team of local corporators along with PMC officials visited the site of the proposed bridge on friday. They inspected the possible hindrances and approach for some feasible solutions.

Local corporator Manjusha Nagpure said the field visit ended on a positive note.

"The approach roads will be connected to the DP Road on both sides. The bridge will have two ways to decentralise movement of traffic and ease burden on Sinhagad Road and Rajaram bridge," she said.

Kiran Patil, a Sinhagad Road resident, said,

"Every time a new project is announced, it gets delayed for various reasons. With no opposition from the locals, the PMC can complete the work without much difficulty."

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