Pune Airport Authorities Confiscate Rs 1.3 Crores Of Forex That Was Hidden Under Upma!

The amount was revealed to be USD 86,600 and Euro 15,000.

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Who knew that a hot case full of freshly made Upma would drag a passenger into the police’s custody? Well, this happened because the Upma they were carrying was actually worth Rs 1.3 crores.

Too much for the Upma right?

It wasn’t a regular Upma that was being carried; there was a stash of foreign currency that was been hidden beneath it. Two passengers, including a woman boarded from Pune Airport and wanted to fly to Dubai. But then the authorities smelled a rat when they found the eatable was too heavy to be carried.


A senior official who is involved in airport security said that two different incidents occurred on Sunday at the airport when a man, identified as Nishant Y was suspected by an immigration officer. The doubt triggered the immigration officer who then alerted the Customs authorities at the airport who then ordered a repeat check of the man's check-in luggage.

The official further said,

The bag contained a hot case with 'upma' inside. But, the weight of the eatable was more than usual and hence it was checked, only to reveal a black polythene having USD 86,600 and Euro 15,000 inside.

When the cat was out of the bag, the immigration authorities alerted Customs officials about another doubtful passenger who was later identified as H Ranglani.

Further investigation on her was carried out by CISF security personnel who checked the bag that revealed the hidden currency notes.

Elaborating on this he said,

This hot case, containing upma, was opened and foreign currency of USD 86,200 and Euro 15,000 was found concealed in it.

How can one get so creative, when it comes to crime and fraud?

Information source: toi

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