Pune’s Lohegaon Airport Plans To Go Less Noisy From January

The provision to update passengers on the flight will be taken care of.

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You can never expect a busy-hassled-plush place like an Airport go quiet and serene but you can at least expect the irresistible continuous announcements to go little down, making the place less noisy.

Since, the Pune’s airport is small in size, the authorities have decided to reduce the number of flight-related announcements. The efforts of transforming the airport into ‘silent airport’ will be effective from January 2018. Therefore, the announcements about the departure and arrival of flights will significantly go down. The passenger will have to look for the required information on the display boards, and the airlines will also communicate with the passengers via SMS. 

Explaining in detail about this the new changes, a senior airport official told TOI,

The Pune airport is small in size. Continuous announcements make the place very noisy. Hence, the decision to reduce some basic and repetitive announcements was taken. The onus will be on the airlines to keep the passengers informed about the flights' status through other means like text messages so that there is no communication gap.

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Further talking about it, he said,

Also, there are 22 good quality flight information display boards in different areas of the airport. They display all information regarding the status of flights and departure gates. The airlines have been directed to ensure their employees are present in the terminal building area round-the-clock to assist passengers and provide the relevant information.In the absence of frequent announcements, the airport and airlines' officials will assist flyers with special needs. The airlines have been told to ensure that visually impaired passengers get all the help. Both the airport authorities and airlines have been always assisting such passengers, but now it will be done more seriously.

Well, the official laid stress on the fact that going silent will not completely stop the announcements that are being made.  Addressing to the possibility of circumstances that might arise, he said,

There might be an issue with a sudden gate change and that will be announced, though not repeatedly. The airlines' officials should also convey the message to passengers.

Talking in brief about the upgraded technology and its use worldwide, aviation expert and analyst Dhairyashil Vandekar, said,

With the advancement in technology, airports are 'going silent' throughout the world and the trend is catching up in our country. As there will be no more public announcements, the AAI must ensure sufficient display monitors are positioned at all vantage points.

Information source: toi

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