Another Year Of Waiting On The Cards For Pune Flyers, As New Aerobridges Get Delayed

It’s high time now; airport authorities are expected to look into the problem.

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Whe a person opts for an aircraft over a train, it is due to two evident reasons-

1. Time

2. Convenience

But then it seems that Pune’s Lohegaon Airport isn’t really taking in account the problems their passengers are facing. While the workings of the management are to complex for us to poke our nose into, our concern remains for the commuter who needs an answer to various inconveniences caused.

With the rainy season having made its entry, a lack of aerobridges that directly connects to the airplanes have made many passengers go mad on the authorities. The commuters were made to head towards the plane walking across the runway, which was clearly disliked by many.

So much hassle! Punekars want to know?

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With a furore raised, an answer is expected from the other end and this is what an airport official told TOI - 

The construction work of aerobridges is in progress and they will be operational by June 2018.

Someone has said it right, promises are easy to make and hard to keep.As per reports of TOI's 2016 coverage on a similar case, increase in number of aerobridges was made. 

Last year, the committee chairman, Anil Shirole, had said,

The aerobridges from the terminal building to the aircraft would be completed by this year.

Well, this inconvenience for flyers in monsoon arrived because of the absence of adequate number of aerobridges, hence the passengers were compelled to walk up to the aircraft.

Giving a clarification on this, an airport official said,

We understand that aerobridges are important. We want the bridges to be constructed in the best way possible. We had not talked about any deadline and can only say that the work is on.

We know that the authorities would not want their passengers to suffer. Sooner or later, we hope that an alternative to this will be thought of.

Information source: toi

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