Pune's Very Own Pu La Deshpande Tells You The Ways Of Being A True Punekar In The Most Amusing Manner!

Be a proper Punekar by following the tips given by Pu La Deshpande.

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We as Maharashtrians would always bow down in respect of legendary Marathi writer, actor, film and music director Pu La Deshpande. Flip through his splendid work and you shall realise the notable work done by him. Paying him tribute on his death anniversary, we have compiled some witty tips given by Pu La Deshpande on how to become a true Punekar.

Don’t have any kind of inferiority complex:

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Keep reminding yourself that you are the best. The qualities you have, others might not have. So just rattofy this mantra or camouflage yourself into superiority complex mode.

Be good at arguing on every instance:

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Well, you might be born with this, but if not you better learn to. This is the key to sustain here and most importantly, the subject of the argument is the least important thing you should be bothered of.

Learn the difference between dialects used in private and in public:


Might sound same but the nuances are what that matters. In this bid, you should be able to play with voice modulation in situations like public speaking, business talks, private talks and public talks.

Be a little cold while talking:

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If you get a phone call and on the other side a person in asking to get in contact with Mr Gokhale in the most respected way then you can easily guess that the phone caller isn’t a Punekar. What a true Punekar would do in this situation is- he/she simply ask for Mr Gokhale in the curtest way.

Be proud. End of the story.

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This is in you, you are born with it. You shouldn’t be necessarily carrying traits of Lokamanya Tilak and Shivaji Maharaj, but what you have is worth being proud of.

Make sure you leave a Puneri legacy behind you:

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You get older and you die but an assal Puneri lives life to fullest and would always strive to leave a mark of himself/herself to be remembered forever.

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