Why Go To Tirupati When You Have Prati-Balaji Near Pune!

The Prati-Balaji temple will leave you mesmerized.

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This weekend plan a trip to one of the most peaceful places near Pune. Situated Pune-Satara highway in Narayanpur, the Prati Balaji temple is 45 km from Pune.


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Situated around 10 km from the highway, the Prati Balaji temple is a replica of the famous Balaji Temple in Tirupati,  Andhra Pradesh.

Surrounded by hills and lush greenery, the temple is a pleasure to visit during monsoon. The sanctum sanctorium of the temple has a beautifully ornated idol of lord Balaji. Along with the Balaji temple, the main temple premises has four small temples. The path that leads to the sanctum sanctorium has beautiful stone carvings depicting stories from the Hindu mythology along with the images of various Hindu Gods painted on the surface.


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This beautiful temple has been constructed by the V.H Group.

The temple resembles the Tirupati Balaji temple, not just in its structure, but also its ambience. 

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Not just the ambience, but also the prasadam and maha-prasad served at the temple is very similar to the temple in Tirupati. 

If you are planning to visit the temple then here are a few points you should keep in your in mind.

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Usually, the temple opens at 5.30 in the morning during Dhanur Masam (December – January) and close at 11 AM in the morning.

After visiting the temple, you should definitely visit the fort hill of Purandar, situated just a few kilometres from the temple.

This article is a part of the ‘Travel Tuesdays’ series  where we bring you a list of places in and around Pune to satiate your wanderlust cravings.

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