Attack On Police Officer At Pune Railway Station Exposes Serious Security Infrastructure Lapses

Two assailants opened fire at a police inspector and seriously injured him.

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With 14 entry and exist points and only one operational metal detector at the main gate, security concerns at the Pune Railway Station are severe. The railway station also possesses only one luggage scanner which has been inoperative for months.

The state of security at the railway station raises serious questions like the inexistence of operational equipment, especially when two gunmen are able to carry arms and weapons inside the railway station and open fire at the police. The incident which took place on November 21 on platform 3, in which two assailants opened fire at a police inspector and seriously injury him, while killing one woman. The two were looking to escape the Police.

Inspector Gajanan Pawar has sustained severe injuries during the shootout.

At a railway station which receives 2.12 lakh people daily commuters, the incident exposes huge security lapses. D Vikas, divisional security commissioner accepted that the railway station the fault lies with the authorities, but refused to comment on department’s plans to bring security infrastructure at Pune railway station.

“We need at least 10 metal detector frames at the station to ensure adequate security and safety of the travellers. Also, the luggage screening machine has some major repair work pending. It has come to our notice that adequate funds for the repair work has not been sanctioned by the government which is causing a delay in resolving the problem,” said a senior police personnel at the Pune station.

Officials at the divisional railway manager (DRM) office of central railways, Pune division said, “There has been some technical issue in the luggage screening machine due to which it is currently non-operational. However, taking complete cognisance of the issue, the department has already ordered the repair work to be completed at the earliest.”

The officials have assured that a few plans to boost the security at the railway station were in the talking.

“Inspection of the luggage being carried by every traveller is very difficult for us. Hence, luggage screening machines and metal detecting frames are very important,” said another police officer. He further added that there was need of metal detectors and CCTVs and other security infrastructure at the railway station.

Presently, the Pune Railway station has 55 CCTVs, 2 metal detector frames and 31 ticketing counters.

Information Source: hindustantimes

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