Places To Visit In Pune During Summers For A Quick Cold Bite

These Places Are Literally Life-Savers In This Scorching Summer Heat!

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OK, firstly we are just talking about eateries here. And secondly, we know the increase in the heat recently has become annoying to the core. Here are a few budget-friendly places that will help you beat the heat:

1. Hotel Harsh Ice Cream

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This place on Paud Road has one of the best coffees to offer in Pune. Thick and filling, it serves the purpose entirely. And they have extra thick coffee as well.

2. Sujata Mastani

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Who would ever resist a scoop of ice cream in the shake after all? Sujata Mastani has got a couple of outlets in Pune.

3. Cream California

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The regular ones on FC Road need no introduction to this place, right? Their mango soft is my personal favourite, but other options are equally great as well.

4. Indrayani Raswanti Gruha

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When you wanna slurp that yummy sugarcane juice, you head to Indrayani. This is by far the most reasonable place on the list to get one great cold beverage on a sunny day.

5. Shiv Kailash

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Located near the Railway Station, Shiv Kailash is already so popular. Their falooda is something you just can’t be missing out on.

6. Badshahi

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Piyush is one beverage you should for sure give a try this summer. Cold and sweet, this is simply the liquid form of Shrikhand. You head to Badshahi on Tilak Road for a soothing glass of Piyush.

7. Preet da Dhaba

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This place in Warje already has frequent visitors for its yum North Indian menu. Other than that, you must try their lassi and buttermilk the next time you visit.

Well, that’s not it. We’ll be back soon with more additions on the list. Till then, keep us posted about your favourite summer joints in Pune.

Title image: Pinterest (representative)

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