Pictures Of The 3rd Edition Of Art Mandai Will Leave You Spellbound!

Half the proceeds of sale will go for the betterment of the market.

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As a Punekar, we’ve always vied for an art festival just like the Kala Ghoda Art Festival. And we’re sure even the talented artists of the city would be waiting no end for a local platform for exhibiting their work.

So when these artists started realising that if people are not coming to the galleries for art, then let the artists go to them. And then they made it happen, thus bringing ‘Art Mandai’ to life.

The idea was birthed three years ago when the first edition was showcased. Artists spread their mats and sat just like our local sabziwala and opened shop. But instead of howling like the vendors, our artists sang and danced and lured the crowd towards them.

This year on 26th January, the city saw the third edition of Art Mandai. While the theme of the second edition was ‘Khel Khilona Khiladi’, this year the theme revolved around creatively interpreting objects from and around the Mandai. The artists made use of items like banana leaves, coconut, tawa, buri nazar doll, mirror, cabbage, suitcase etc.

Art Mandai which was started with a vision to bring together many artists from various disciplines together has now successfully managed to see it happen. The collective energy of the vegetable vendors and art vendors is nothing less than addictive and adds in to the aura of the iconic Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Mandai.

Now if you’re thinking that these artworks might cost a bomb, then let us tell you that every piece of the artwork showcased was below Rs. 1,200. The artists have pledged 50% of the sale proceeds to be donated to the betterment of the Mandai. The concept couldn’t have gotten any better, right?

It has barely been only 10 days since the event and even though we know the next one is almost a year later, we cannot wait!

Here are 10 photographs that will make you want to go back in time right now!



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