Reacho In Conversation With Pune’s Artist- Payal Patil

Payal has not done any high-end certified program in drawing; it is solely her talent and passion that drew her towards this venture.

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If one thinks that he/she has an artistic flair then one should definitely pursue it because illustrating and painting is that form of art which provides a gamut of opportunities, be it digitally or manually.

One such girl is Payal; who voluntarily left her job to chase her dream and is now flourishing in her own set-up innovative business.

To know more about Payal and her creative start-up Pcube, we got in a conversation with this budding artist.

1. What exactly is PCube?

The name Pcube is an abbreviation of Payal Pandurang Patil which also stands for Passion, Perspective and Paint. In Pcube you get to choose creative stuff from the wide spectrum of products that are specially customized for the clients. From coasters, key chains and bookmarks to T-shirts, shoes, portraits, and wall paintings everything is personalized as per the taste of the client.

2. Your inclination towards art is awesome; at what age did you decide to take up your passion as your career?

My inclination towards art was since childhood but making a career out of it, never crossed my mind, until I realized my potential of art. After completing my bachelors from Fergusson and post-graduation in computer science from MIT, I was pretty much sure that my educational background will lead me to the path of the technical field and it happened likewise. I worked as a trainee for 3 months in L&T Infotech but somehow in that span of the internship, I realized that my true potential lies in the artistic field and not in a 9-to-5 job. So, this is how it all started.

3. What made you venture into a business that sells creative handmade stuff?

I was into my training period when a friend of mine approached me for a project that needed me to paint portraits. A café named Friends was being launched in Pune, at that time. Since the café was based on the theme of American Sitcom- F.R.I.E.N.D.S; I was asked to create portraits of the lead characters of that series and so I did. I grew confident and it boosted me to take more such interesting projects. After the completion of my 3 months training, I didn’t opt for a job instead I went ahead to pursue my passion. With no plan and strategy in my head, I got into my own space where I could explore more of my creative side. So, I gradually started making creative stuff that is handcrafted and personalized.

4. Tell us something about your collaboration with FaFe (Faster Fene)!

I happened to meet Amey Wagh, back in the year of 2015; we had many friends in mutual and shared a common theatrical organization. Some few months back I stumbled upon the Insta story of Amey where he had posted a snap of white shoes. I randomly commented on the story saying I would love to paint these pretty white shoes. To my surprise, he actually liked the idea and asked me to wait till he gets on board with a good project.

When FaFe happened, Amey contacted me and told me that he personally wanted to gift the members of the FaFe team a souvenir that revolves around the theme of FaFe with everyone’s name engraved on it. So, this is how this project fell into my kitty.

5. What challenges did you face when you started off with such an innovative business?

Being a computer science graduate, I never had any experience in any artistic field or nor have done any specific certification program in it. So switching from IT sector to painting sector, I consider was an audacious step I had put forward. Moreover, I manage things single-handedly and being a one-man army, at times I had to juggle between too many tasks at the same time. It often becomes hectic for me as I have to get all the essential materials and get paint and then delivering it.  But then indulging in your choice of work is always fun but what matters the most is the reach of your work.

Nowadays, reaching out to people is no more a difficult task, thanks to the social media sites but not every person you reach cannot become a potential buyer. I still somehow feel that Indian society doesn’t easily bend to a new approach or an idea, we all are perceived with the notion that only getting a good job is the secured way of heading in future. I am glad that now my parents understand the creative job I do are being supportive towards it but explain my kind of job to everyone is still a tough task.

6. Brands like Chumbak, Tappu ki Dukan also believes in trading unique, creative stuff, what do you think lies the future of such innovative start-ups?

With time, these big brands have set up a strong foothold in the market and such innovative start-ups are now appreciated a lot. Talk about Indian culture and festivals; we still believe in gifting our friends, family and acquaintances. Gifting each other is a never-ending process and presents that make the other person feel special is what innovative start-ups do. So, for me, there seems no end to this business as sharing joy and gift is imbibed in all of us.

Reacho extends their warm wishes to Payal and expects her to flourish high in her business.

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