Pune Girl Payal Kapadia's Short Film Wins Recognition In Cannes

‘Afternoon Clouds’, a film about a lonely woman, is the only Indian film at Cannes this year.

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While the entire crowd is admiring the outfits worn by the celebrities at Cannes, there are other people who are fetching limelight by exhibiting some real, genuine work at the film festival. One of them is Payal Kapadia, a third-year student at FTII, Pune.

The film Afternoon Clouds was the official selection of short films under the Cinéfondation forum. It made its way amongst the 2600 films submitted. It is a 13-minute short film that revolves around the central character, Kaki, a 60-year-old widow, who lives with her Nepali maid, Malati. The film can be referred as a personal story because it is loosely inspired by Payal’s grandmother, who had a Nepali maid. The movie focused on every minute detailing and hence during the two-month pre-production, Kapadia shuttled between Pune and Mumbai

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To give a broad perspective on the movie she told,

Afternoon Clouds is a film about two single women who live together in an apartment. One is an older widow and the second is her young domestic help, who is a migrant from Nepal. The film examines their circumstances and perspectives on love and loneliness. In Indian society, it is not easy for a woman to express her feeling on matters of love and desire openly. I was interested in trying to explore these feelings through gestures and silences that fall in between spoken words.

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Kapadia is very passionate when it comes to movies and has drawn inspiration from a lot of filmmakers for various reasons,

I am especially interested in Asian filmmakers like Naomi Kawase, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Ozu, Tsai Ming Liang and Ritwik Ghatak. Other filmmakers like Ben Rivers and Pedro Costa, who practice slower cinema, are very inspiring. I discovered the films of Istavan Szabo at FTII, as a lot of his work is not available digitally. Here, the archives have an excellent collection of his films.

Getting a chance to showcase your talent in Cannes ain’t a regular thing. Proud of you girl!

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