Throwback Thursday: Pataleshwar Cave Temple, A Serene Spot In The Middle Of The Bustling Pune

This weekend, instead of going to the mall or the movies, spend some quality time with yourself.

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“What is this life if full of care

We have no time to stand and stare”

How beautifully does this early 20th-century poem by William Henry Davis, sums up the mundane, modern-day life! In our fast-paced and supremely busy lives, where do we have the time to find a peaceful spot and just sit back and reflect?

But Punekars don’t have to go too far to find a serene location, they have it right in the middle of the city. We are talking about the ancient Pataleshwar Cave Temple.

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Situated on the busy Jangli Maharaj Road, it is a rock-cut temple, carved out in the 8th century in the Rashtrakuta period.

Pataleshwar is one of the names of Lord Shiva. Entirely carved out in the hard rock, Pataleshwar really looks like a different world altogether. In the vicinity of this Shiva Temple, there is a cave, which is why it is known as the Pataleshwar Cave Temple.

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The temple carved out of basalt rock is the holy shrine of Lord Shiva. The sanctum is a cube-shaped room which is indeed a sturdy construction. The beautiful Shiva Linga inside has been the source of moral and spiritual support for thousands of devotees for centuries together. On each side of the sanctum, there are two smaller cells.

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A circular Nandi mandapa with its umbrella-shaped canopy is another beautiful construction. The massive square pillars of the Mandapa are a real treat for all art lovers.

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The temple is modeled on the Elephanta rock temple. The construction, however, remained incomplete as a rift was detected at the back of the sanctum.

The Pataleshwar Cave temple and the Jangli Maharaj Mandir are located next to each other on J M Road in Shivaji Nagar. It is almost surprising that there are such calm places in the midst of the city chaos.

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This beautiful piece of work was carved out in the Rashtrakuta period in the eighth century AD. The temple now quite in the heart of the city was originally situated on the outskirts of the town.  By and by with the increasing urbanization the frontiers of the city expanded and thus today we have the Pataleshwar temple on the city center JM Road.

As this is the oldest monument in Pune, which is over 1300 years old, the Pune office of the Archaeological Survey of India is located on the adjacent property.

This weekend, instead of going to the mall or the movies, spend some quality time with yourself, because,

“A poor life it is, if full of care

We have no time to stand and stare.”

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