Travel Tuesday: Panshet Dam, A Perfect Getaway From The Summer Heat

So put on your travel playlist and head straight to Panshet!

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The cold winter mornings and evenings slowly fade away as we slowly move towards March. So now, the mornings are somewhat pleasant, afternoons are irritating because of the sun and evenings again, are some sort of pleasant.

All one wants in this in-between sort of a weather is some cool breeze and a calm spot with water. Punekars in that sense are really lucky to be surrounded by such scenic spots.

Nothing beats the summer heat better than playing in water. I know, these days, we all have pools in our societies and townships. But come on, who doesn’t enjoy a calm scenic spot with trees around you and some water sports?

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So, if you want a mini getaway from work and are bored of your society swimming pool, Panshet is the perfect spot for you. It’s outside the city, but isn’t too far from the city either, just 45 kms. Mhanje distance, check! If there is a chutti mid-week and you can’t go for an overnight trip, you can enjoy a nice day trip here. Mhanje convenience, check! You can sit by the water and relax and if you are in a mood for some fun, there’s water sports. Mhanje relaxing and fun, check!

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Ajun kay hava manasala!

Built on the Ambi river in the late 1950s, the Panshet dam is the major source of water supply in Pune.

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Nestled in the lap of the mighty Sahyadri ranges and streaked with many small waterfalls, Panshet dam attracts a lot of tourists from Pune as well as Mumbai.

Because of its location, the dam is one of the favorite sites among the city’s cycling groups. Being an easy trek, it is great for beginners as well as for trekking enthusiasts.

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Apart from cycling and trekking, Panshet is a great spot for camping and water sports. Along with boating and speed boating, Panshet also has facilities for kayaking, water scooter, and banana ride.

If you are not into water sports and are looking forward to spending some quality time by yourself or with your loved ones, Panshet has beautiful resorts as well.

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Another reason to go to Panshet, the drive! If you ask me, I would just go to Panshet for the beautiful ride! The ride through the winding roads surrounded by lush trees and the cool breeze gently caressing your face is simply blissful!

So put on your travel playlist and head straight to Panshet! I definitely would!

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