‘No Gadget Day’ For School Kids Every Week: Maharashtra Govt

The idea is to encourage the kids to play outdoors or develop hobbies.

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While taking an incredible step, Maharashtra government is all set to declare one day as ‘No Gadget Day’ every week in every school of the state.

This move will help in keeping school children away from electronic gadgets and incline them more towards sports. The idea is to encourage them to play outdoors or develop hobbies.

Vinod Tawde, the minister for education, shared the development in the state assembly to that effect.

The notification came as the minister’s response to the calling attention motion moved by MLAs Tamil Selvan, Parag Alawani and Ashish Shelar.

The motion was sought to make physical education marks compulsory while deciding whether a student had passed his or her exams.

“School students have stopped playing outdoors and keep themselves busy with video games, etc. Hence, the state should make physical fitness training at school mandatory. We conduct discussions in the assembly about India not winning medals at the Olympics, but fail to implement crucial steps which facilitate such success," said Selvan. 

Minister Tawde also added that the state government is keen to adopt the ‘No Gadget Day’ to ensure students’ involvement in physical activities.

“The state has taken certain decisions in the last four years, such as allocation of 10 marks for sports; a 5% preference would be given in government jobs to sportsmen and a physical test instead of a written test would be conducted for such candidates,” he said.

Information Source: DNA, TOI

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