This National Boxing Medalist From Pune Earns His Daily Bread By Delivering Newspapers!

It feels sad that a gem like Akshay at times is forced to continue being a newspaper boy and skip his morning training.

Akshay Mare, National Boxing Medallist, News paper boy

You say you’ve got problems in life. Then clearly you need to widen your gaze and look around because only then you’ll realize that there are many people who struggle day and night to make their ends meet. Well, if you are feeling low for some reason and coincidently live in the area of Dattawadi then you should be thankful for getting an inspirational dose early morning.

You might be wondering that why are we suddenly telling you this? But once you realize the reason of us telling you this story you'll feel your life to be less miserable.

Akshay Mare, a twenty-two-year-old boy is a national bronze winner and four-time state gold medalist. But unfortunately being a sports person in this country is not enough as this poor boy is fighting to struggle with poverty by distributing newspapers in Dattawadi. 

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Sharing a small one-room house with his parents and brothers Vishal & Tushar in Dandekar Bridge slum area, Akshay collects the newspapers from the distribution hub in Appa Balwant Chowk while his brother delivers milk to the houses.

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Source: ht

Talking to Hindustan times on his work routine, he said,

When I was in Assam for my match, I was more worried about the additional work being done by my brother as we can’t afford to lose our daily customers. Finally, when my elder brother assured me that he would take care of my tasks, I felt relaxed.

Once Akshay is done with distributing paper, he rushes back to home and proceeds for his fitness training in Gen. Arunkumar Vaidya stadium in Bhawani Peth. With coach Vijay Gujar, he takes rigorous efforts to work on his fitness, strength, and technique.

Being aware of the work he does, assistant coach Rakesh Bhanu said, 

We feel sorry for this kid. He is talented and has a huge potential to represent India. But, right now he is struggling to make both ends meet. He must get a decent job, which will allow him financial security and only then can he give his best at the ring. Otherwise, he will follow us, who unfortunately could not pursue boxing due to financial constraints.

But with sports, one has to pursue education and so he does by studying in a junior college as an external student. Financial insecurity has trussed Akshay from getting access to buy international quality boxing gloves but then an extended hand of generosity led by his friends and coach helped him to cross this hindrance.

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Sharing his concern for Akshay, Bhanu said,

For any national level boxer, diet plays a key role. The sport is very demanding and if you don’t consume enough amount of rich diet, your performance is likely to suffer eventually. Most of our boxers couldn’t perform up to their potential as they couldn’t afford a proper diet.

With you Akshay, hope you’ll soon get over your crisis and make India more proud!

Information Source: ht 

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