Mid Week Blues? These 5 Adventurous Things In Pune Will Drive It Away!

Recreational break or an adrenaline one, we've got you all kind of options for you to pick!

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Come Wednesday and the itch to end the week already, begins. No, it’s not that we hate our jobs (or maybe we do) but it’s just something about Wednesday that makes even the best ones borderline miserable. Good souls may suggest catching up with friends for a knockout coffee or some drinking plans post office to help you crawl through the week. But doing that every mid-week makes it another one of those mundane routines!

But since we aren’t just good souls (we be best, yes!), we brought you something crazy and adventurous to do away with the mid-week blues. And the best part, all of these adventurous sports are pretty much within the city limits and would only take an hour or two! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the list of adventure sports activities that are organized in the city on a regular basis. What is better is that you can enroll for these on full-course basis and come out certified after the decided time-span.

Scroll down for the list:

1) Scuba diving

Breaking away from the myth that scuba-diving can only be learnt at cities with water bodies, the ‘Absolute PADI Scuba Diving Training Institute’ in Pune gives you scuba-diving lessons in the swimming pool. There are 3 centres in the city where you should totally head to whenever you wish for some underwater adventure!

Contact: 098600 03456

2) Rollerblading

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Pune’s first international skating in Viman Nagar is not just being used for skating! The rink, which is coated with polymer, is being made use of for rollerblading and speed skating! Various events and competitions are held at the arena to encourage skating and other similar activities. So if you’re tired of only zooming through the traffic, drop by here for some recreational zip-zap-zoom!

Contact: 098817 15467

3) Gliding

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The old airstrip in the Hadapsar area has been brought to its best use and how! Pune's two gliding institutes - ‘Hadapsar Gliding Centre’ and ‘Wings and Flight Academy’ operate here and provide professional coaching for gliding. The centre is open from Sunday to Thursday with Sundays being open exclusively for joyrides. Professional training is provided for other days.

Contact: 020 2699 1012

4) Underwater Playground

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Entrepreneurial venture ‘Finkick’ was started by a duo in Pune to engage more people into the scuba-diving. Finkick not only trains in diving but also organizes many underwater sports tourneys. From small games to playing hockey and rugby, all of it happens underwater in their facility. And if you turn out to be a gem, you could also enroll yourself for the ‘Pune Underwater Festival’ which is organized by them!

Contact: 091584 11371

5) Hot Air Balloon Safari

Okay, not exactly in the city but just a bit away is ‘Sky Waltz Balloon Safari’. Situated in Lonavala, the centre lets you lose on a hot air balloon as you soar slowly into the skies. A quick getaway with your partner or a bunch of friends on a Friday afternoon so as to catch the sunset from the balloon sounds like an amaze-ball of a plan!

Contact: 095603 87222

So the next time mundane pulls you and your spirits down, you know just where to head over!

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