Mad Over Donuts Is Opening At Pune's Pavillion Mall And You Will Not Believe What The Offers Are!

So go go go, gorge on the sweet treats tomorrow!

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Yes, you read that right. Mad Over Donuts (M.O.D) is opening a new outlet in The Pavillion Mall on December 2nd and offering discounts for the doughnut fans who will queue up at the store’s gates.

Happening this Saturday, (which is tomorrow), every customer who stands in line has a chance to pay for half-a-dozen and walk away with a dozen of freshly baked donuts. So the offer goes like –

1st in queue – Golden Ticket: Pick 12 and pay for 6! And that too, every week in the NEXT THREE MONTHS! Holy eff!

2nd in queue – Silver Ticket: Pick 12 and pay for 6! This one every week in the NEXT TWO MONTHS! Whoaaaa!

3rd in queue – Bronze Ticket: Pick 12 and pay for 6! Every week in the NEXT ONE MONTH! Yasss!

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And hey, before you begin to grumble that you’ve got thin chances of making to the first three, well then let me tell you that there are some discounts for the others in the queue as well!

4th to 100th – Pick 12 donuts and pay for 6.

101st to 200th – Get a complimentary donut of your choice!

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely sending my diet for a toss because of free doughnuts bro! I mean anyway, diet was just a fancy word for eating one doughnut a week instead of one every day. *eyeroll much*

So go go go, gorge on the sweet treats tomorrow!

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Where – 2nd floor, Pavillion Mall.

When – 2nd December, 6pm.

Psssttt! You can treat me too, just saying!

My pick for the day – Double Trouble!

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