An Internship Of 600-700 Hours Will Earn 20 Credit Points For BTech Students

The policy thoroughly defines that a 40-45 hours of internship is equal to 1 credit point.

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A 600 to 700 hours of internship after the third, fourth, sixth and eighth semester of Bachelor’s in Technology (BTech) will earn the students 14 to 20 credit points.

The announcement came in the recently published policy of the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE).

While the earlier rules simply stated that the students enter institutional level internships in the fourth year and they get deserved marks, the new policy mentions the working hours of the internship and the credit points.

The internship may be part-time or full-times said Chairman Anil Sahasrabuddhe.

“Our curriculum is flexible for the duration. Therefore, opportunities must be provided for experiences that cannot be anticipated when planning the course. Institutes would have the flexibility to schedule internship, project work and seminars according to the availability of the opportunities," he said.

The policy thoroughly defines that a 40-45 hours of internship is equal to 1 credit point. According to the policy, a student is to work 40-45 hours per week to reach the target of 600-700 hours of work for BTech and 450-500 hours for diploma.

Students are free to opt for industry experience after the fourth and sixth semester in the summer vacations, said Sahasrabuddhe.

“They may choose to work on innovation or entrepreneurial activities resulting in a start-up or undergo internship with industry, government organisations, micro or small enterprises to make themselves job-ready," he said. 

Students might also opt project work and seminars as in the curriculum of the institute in the last semester. They are expected to submit a report of their internship activities in the institute.

“We are already taking up internships at various companies and firms. There was no set policy about it. Many students choose to stay at home during vacations. This policy has made it mandatory for all students. The council will give the credits which will add value to our profiles,” said Rohan Kulkarni, a student of BTech.

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