'Hya Gojiravanya Gharat' By Pune Theatre Group Gets Staged In London

The play got staged in the prestigious London Marathi Sammelan at Watford, UK.

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With Marathi films wielding their charm all over the nation, Marathi plays also seems to be garnering success not just in India, but also overseas. One such play is ‘Hya Gojiravanya Gharat’ - a commercial Marathi play which is produced by Pune-based theatre group Muktaayan, in association with Ved and Roxon Global.

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What makes this play stand out amongst others is the international recognition it fetched when it got staged at the prestigious London Marathi Sammelan at Watford, UK. It is said that this is, so far, the only two-act Marathi play from India that got a chance to be showcased at the Sammelan. 

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'Hya Gojiravanya Gharat' is a play that revolves around a girl, Sharvari Lele, an artist by profession who dreams to project her best work at the Paris Museum of Modern Art. But the story takes180 degree - spin when the protagonist meets with a terrible accident and she loses her eyesight.

Aditi Dravid- the protagonist tells in brief about the other half of the play,

The entire second act portrays how they help Sharvari face this situation strongly. The play doesn’t get boring in spite of a saddening situation. In fact, interesting devices have been used to show her struggle like recognising colours with particular scents for particular colour and ultimately how she gets to her dream.

With an objective of sharing this recent success of the play with the crowd of Maharashtra, the Reacho team had a conversation with Piyush Kulkarni- owner of the theatre group, Muktaayan.

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1. After getting a chance to stage ‘Hya Gojiravanya Gharat’ in London, are you planning to feature this play in other countries?

We consider this success of ours as a stepping stone for our future endeavours. It was a splendid opportunity we got at this initial stage, and the amount of love we received from them will foster us to grow more with a hope of reaching Marathi audiences all across the globe.

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2. Coming back to our nation, do you have any plans to stage the play in other parts of Maharashtra?

It’s an honourable thing for any play to get staged in various parts of the city but unfortunately the ardent audience for theatre is not spread everywhere. So gauging the right kind of audience and reaching them is really not a piece of cake. Unlike films where the movie gets released on several screens at the same time, hunting down a place just for one show is not a feasible choice. We have a strong foothold in Mumbai, Pune and Nashik and would anytime love to cater to other cities of Maharashtra.

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3. How does an entertainment show like Chala Hava Yeu Dya help you to connect to your audience?

Television as a medium is a great platform that facilitates your work and help you reach to a wider audience. The crowd of our generation is not bound to newspapers anymore, so promoting our play through popular entertainment show like CHYD turned out to be very fruitful for us.

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4. Lastly, how was your overall experience of the entire journey from here to London?

I am a music composer by profession and this was the first time for me when I stepped into a commercial play. My theatre group Muktaayan has so far been doing plays and events in Pune and Mumbai and fetching such a huge recognition here and abroad is a huge thing for me. Being an ‘A’ category play, it was a proud moment for us when ‘Hya Gojiravanya Gharat’ got a chance to be staged in London amidst the other plays falls under the ‘A’ category and it is a proud thing for us

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With a hope of watching more plays produced under Muktaayan, Reacho wishes all the best to the team of Muktaayan for its future endeavours.


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