No Houseboat Stays In Tarkarli Due To Repair Works

A houseboat, Sindhu Kanya had sank in May this year.

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Tarkarli will be disappointing for those seeking a holiday this season, as they might not be able to book a houseboat, as all of them are inoperative.

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) official said that a houseboat, Sindhu Kanya had sank in May this year. Other houseboats are now been repaired.

Following the complaints from fishermen, the MTDC officials are now working on retrieving what’s left of the sunken Sindhu Kanya, though the houseboat is now beyond repair and sits on the riverbed.

The MTDC is trying to free the houseboat from the sand.

An official said, “The boat was around 12-15 years old and it somehow got a hole punched in its hull. Water then began getting into the houseboat as the puncture started expanding. When the boat started to sink, we tried to tow it to the bank, but failed. Sand and water began to get into the vessel, which began going deeper underwater, digging into the silt. Our guess is that the wood of the houseboat had become too old and, therefore, got damaged. That is why it must have gotten the puncture in the first place.”

Several efforts, including use of high-capacity water pumps have been made to extract the water and prevent the houseboat from sinking.

“However, it was nearly impossible to control the flow of water into the vessel. Attempts were made to keep it afloat on barrels and wood, but it sank suddenly. It is now stuck in the sand, about seven to eight feet underwater. We have already dismantled the superstructure, including the rooms, but the lower portion of the boat is still stuck,” the official said.

The houseboat was big enough to accommodate two families with a kitchen, a dining hall, a terrace and two room.

Now, the tourist spot has been left with no operational houseboats.

An MTDC official said, “There were a total of four MTDC houseboats in Tarkarli and Ratnagiri. Of these, three aren’t operational because they are under repair, while the Sindhu Kanya sank in May, 2018. The tendering process to get these houseboats functional is still on and it may take over a month-and-a-half for them to be pressed into service again.”

Information Source: TOI

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