350 Tonnes Of Flowers Collected During Ganpati Festival Converted To Compost

The composted flowers have been forwarded to the farmers around the city for organic farming.

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Around 350 tonnes of flowers used during the Gansesh idol immersion have been successfully composted by the Pune Municipal Corporation this week.

The compost has been forwarded to the farmers around the city for organic farming while some was distributed to the housing societies for private gardens.

The 350 tonnes of flowers were converted to 47 tonnes of compost and 3000 litres of slurry. The compost was lab tested before being distributed amongst the famers.

The civic body had collected the nirmalya during the Ganapati festival with the help of NGOs and private companies through 17 immersion ghats around the city.

PMC officials have said that the organic waste was taken to Bhukum for composting.

Mayor Mukta Tilak said, “The initiative is one of its kind and should be replicated in other parts of the state. It can help in resolving the issue of disposing of waste flowers collected during festivities.”

Distribution of the compost was made between the farmers of Bhugao, Bhukum, Pirangut, Male, Bhare, Kasar Amboli and Mandale villages.

Throwing of nirmalaya in rivers is banned by the PMC, so several containers for collecting the flowers were installed at the ghats.

Dnyaneshwar Molak, head of the PMC’s solid waste management department said, “The waste was also collected from 45 different housing societies and five villages. The initiative had started as a pilot project a couple of years ago and it will be a regular feature of the civic body’s solid waste management process from this year.”

Information Source: TOI

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