5 Famous Bars That Pune Is Deprived Of And High Time We Geddit!

These bars are synonymous to having a lit time with your pals!

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Okay, I agree Pune has a lot of bars and restros that will make a non-Punekar go J! Take a round of KP and you’d agree with me.

But then there are some iconic places that Pune’s still deprived of that makes me sigh! These bars have set the metro cities and even some Tier 2 cities on fire with their awesomeness. And here we are left with puppy eyes awaiting them to open shop in our beloved city!

While there are quite some of these chains of bars and lounges that we wished we had, we pick out the five best and should-have-so-been-here-by-now ones!

We could start a campaign for these, literally!

Here goes the list:

1) Monkey Bar

Delhi’s got it. Bengaluru’s got it. Kolkata’s got it. Mumbai’s got it.

About time Pune got it too!

The famous bar chain which is expanding all across India rapidly needs to look down from the sky and bless Pune too. Known for its innovative menu and cocktails, Monkey Bar is a favorite hangout spot for the youngsters of the Tier 1 cities. A subsidiary of the Olive Bar and Kitchen Pvt. Ltd in partnership with chef Manu Chandra and hospitality operations expert Chetan Rampal, Monkey Bar will sure become Pune's next IT thing for the youth!

2) Toit

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This one first opened its doors in Bengaluru and enjoyed a sweet stay in the city before moving to Mumbai to open its second branch. Dear Toit, how about Pune for your third branch? We love microbreweries!

A giant microbrewery this one, would add to list of the places of breweries in the city such as Kimaya, Doollaly etc. So, get yourself a tall mug of craft and a compliment it with some finger-licking food! Major wants, right?

3) Kitty Su

 Source: dfordelhi

Okay, Chandigarh has one and we’re still in line for ours! What only!

While the Mumbai one is the most underrated party places of in the city, the Delhi one gets described as The Bold and The Beautiful, The Ancient and The Modern, etc. for its quaint and classy interiors. Whatever the city, Kitty Su is a place which is like no other when it comes to partying. It is less crowded and simply chic and classy. And since we are so done with the regular crowded places in town, Kitty Su will be a much-needed change we millenials are looking forward to!

4) Tamasha

That broad and gaping room, the never-ending bar and a thousand of Thomas Edison’s beautiful creation of bulbs all over the ceiling, sets and sets of high table and chairs, classic bricked walls, parquet flooring and loads of chic vibes put together make one Tamasha.

Since Pune already has a rich history when it comes to tamashas, shouldn’t we be blessed with this modern-day Tamasha to pay a tribute at least namesake wise?

5) Olive Bar & Kitchen

 Source: travel.cnn

Remember that pristine white restaurant in the movie ‘Tamasha’ where Ranbir’s character proposes the Deepika’s? Well, that’s Olive Bar & Kitchen’s Delhi branch. Olive is one of the classic bars that is an all-time favorite of many. From CEOs to celebrities, you’ll find quite a lot of these here. Some swear by the stylish ambience while others withdraw here for their good food and ‘high’ spirits. We’re just hoping all this waiting be worth it soon!

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