Meet 'Emily': The Singing Donkey From Pune Who Is Now An Internet Sensation!

Cynics may call it ‘tuned braying’ other firmly believe that ‘Emily’ is, in fact, singing.

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For the longest time, donkeys have been identified as the animal who carries burden or worse, used as an insult in casual conversations. But with the recent two incidents, the donkeys have risen to the status of being singers as well! Cynics may call it ‘tuned braying’ other firmly believe that ‘Emily’ is, in fact, singing.

A female donkey, who has been named ‘Emily’ after being rescued by a non-government organization, has left everyone shocked after she broke into a melodious song. Emily can be found in singing whenever she is in the “mood”. And no prizes for guessing, she became an internet sensation in no time!

RESQ Charitable Trust released Emily’s videos on Facebook and Instagram which were viewed by many.

While speaking to TOI, Tina Mohandas – Communication head of RESQ, revealed that ‘Emily’ was found in a vulnerable situation as she had birthed a baby. She was rescued from the streets of Pune.

“When we found her, she could barely stand and her baby had died. We rushed her to the RESQ centre, where we began her treatment. Initially, Emily was extremely skittish and aggressive. She did not like people or other animals around her, and was clearly in emotional pain, besides physical pain.”

Relentless efforts were taken to heal Emily.

“Today, Emily gets along well with other donkeys at RESQ, and shows us the trust and love by breaking into a song,” said Mohandas.

Before her, Ireland’s Harriet had become a worldwide singing sensation. Harriet, of course, is a donkey.

President of RESQCT, Neha Panchamiya added that she cannot explain Emily’s or any other donkeys’ singing with any medical of scientific reasoning. All she and her team know is that the donkeys tune in their voices when ecstatic.

“Emily is extremely fond of food, and if is she is offered her favourite treats, she tends to serenade in the only way she can, which we believe is her way of saying thank you, and I love you,” said Panchamiya.

Jeya Bharath, a veterinarian by profession whose expertise lies in treating equines (mammals of the horse family), said, “Every animal has a way of expressing its emotions. In case of a horse, it bumps and runs, kicking the air with its fours when it is happy. Dogs run round and round when they are happy. This particular donkey must have developed a peculiar way of expressing its emotion by producing a sonorous sound while braying.”

Milind Hatekar, a veterinary physician in the city, said, “Such sounds show that the animal is expressing happiness over something. Even horses tend to produce a typical musical neigh when happy, unlike their typical neighing sound.”

Here's the video: 

Information and title image: timesofindia

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