Pune's Deemed Universities Change Their Names In The Fear Of Losing ‘University’ Status

Seven educational institutes from Pune were on the list of 123 national ‘deemed’ universities.

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After the higher education regulator, University Grants Commission (UGC), issued two directives on Wednesday. Most of the educational institutes in Pune have decided to drop the university tag from their names in the fear of losing the ‘university’ status.

The universities which have to convey their acceptance to drop the ‘university’ tag by Thursday afternoon include seven educational institutes from Pune out of 123 national deemed universities.

A complete report of the same had to be emailed to the UGC.

The UGC report stated, “Necessary action would be initiated against the institutions, which may include recommending withdrawal of the declaration.”

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Pune’s Symbiosis is amongst the institutes who received the letter.

“Currently, we really don’t have an option but to comply. For now, we have to use the name Symbiosis International Deemed University, and we are writing a proposal to UGC stating this. But this will be without prejudice to the fact that if we file a writ petition, or there is stay on this regulation, either due to our petition or for some other ongoing petition in the court, then we would be allowed to revert to our name of Symbiosis International University. We had been using the term ‘university’ legally after being declared so by the central government under Section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act. And now this sudden change makes no sense. In my opinion, the ministry should actually amend the UGC act. Pune being an education hub, with seven universities having to drop this status, it is bound to create a lot of problems," Hindustan Times quoted Dr Vidya Yeravdekar, principal director of Symbiosis Society, Symbiosis International University (SIU).

Talking about the problem, she said that the institute’s name is already established. Hence, it would only be a problem for the students and the academic development of the students.

“For an international university like ours, this move is bound to affect our international collaborations, especially in terms of the students including those on scholarships. The term ‘deemed’ which is just an adjective will create confusion, and will also affect global rankings, by questioning our contribution as a full-fledged university,” HT further quoted her.

The order was followed by the Supreme Court order of November 3, which asked UGC to curb deemed-to-be universities from using the word “university” in their titles.

Information Source: HT

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